Debra Lyn - A Cold Wind Blows

A Cold Wind Blows Part III

This is Part 3 of the continuing story of “A Cold Wind Blows”

Debra Lyn - I'll Always Miss The Love I Left Behind (Remix) Single Release

I'll Always Miss The Love I Left Behind (Remix)  Single Release
by Debra Lyn

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Quotes & Reviews

"A COLD WIND BLOWS" received a 4 out of 4 star rating from Stacy's Music Row.

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"A Cold Wind Blows is an Americana Gem."
— John Mullins, SESAC Nashville (RE:A Cold Wind Blows Album)

"A Cold Wind Blows, meaning both the title song and 10 selections that follow, details the different phases of relationships. Debra Lyn achieves this with vocal performances so compelling that listeners have a blueprint, courtesy of one of the more pleasing and clear voices of experience; a singer whose songwriting pen adds an ink-filled flourish consistent with the creative license of imagination."
— Stacy Harris, Stacy's Music Review

"Listening to Debra Lyn's A Cold Wind Blows has affirmed my thoughts of just how wonderful Debra's voice & music is!"
— Rowdy Ron, Rowdy Ron Radio Show •

Debra Lyn's music is both moving and haunting, as she weaves a poignant story through the fabric of melodic instrumentation. A must-listen!
— Shelley Dudley, Host of ROCK THE SYSTEM

"Well, it's not often that I am moved enough by music these days to write a review but, A Cold Wind Blows - literally blew me away! :) This is a really beautiful body of work. A Cold Wind Blows is just one of those songs that takes you over from first listening and starts you off on an emotional journey of a relationship in full disarray. I couldn't stop listening.

It is a really interesting concept and Debralyn's voice is the key that carries the whole experience - sometimes raw, sometimes pleading and sometimes downright beautiful. I could go through each song but, Swim the River, Closer to Good-bye and Till I'm Gone are other standouts. The production itself is outstanding - simple, clean and yet resoundingly rich, with some really amazing players too.

It's going to be played over and again for a while to come. Thank you so much! Highly recommended!"
— Primrose Girl (iTunes review)

"There is nothing I like more then being surprised by a new artist. My girlfriend was playing Debra's CD while we drove to up to Nashville. Of course “Cold Wind Blows” is my fav. Tho the entire CD is a throwback to the days when an Artist put out a (Album) filled with great songs, with no fillers! Thank you Debra! I'm very much now a fan."
— Jace