New AEONE Scarborough Fair (remix) Video Release on Palette Records!

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PALETTE RECORDS is proud to announce Aeone's - Scarborough Fair (remix) and video from the new LOVE IS THE HEALER album.  Now available on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby and

CLICK HERE to stream samples of the songs and read more about the project!

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From Aeone:

"This re-imagining of Scarborough Fair is based on the traditional song dating back to the 1600's, as opposed to the well known Simon and Garfunkel arrangement .  There have of course, been many renditions by Sarah Brightman, Celtic Woman, Hayley Westenra to name a few.   In diving into the song  I felt it to be about longing, a magical prayer for something greater than an ordinary love. Her casting spell for a 'prince' that can accomplish these near impossible tasks, a Hobbit-like quest in the name of love  - but, also about those who gave up on her. Musically mirrored in the ethereal answering vocals and whispers and the otherworldly soundscapes around them - there is also a sensuous quality in the rhythmic groove and bass."

Produced and Arranged by Aeone and Jeff Silverman
Mixed, Mastered, Engineered and Digital Editing by Jeff Silverman at Palette Music Studio Productions (MSP) and Virtual Studio Nashville (VSN) - Nashville, TN
Vocals performed, arranged, produced and engineered by Aeone
Synths, sound design, drum programming - Aeone
Synth bass, drum programming - Jeff Silverman

Aeone - Love Is The Healer Album Cover

Directed by Chris Dane Owens
Edited by Jennifer Barlow (
UK Photographs of Aeone - Neil Lawson-Baker (
Stills - Chris Dane Owens
Art Direction, Costumes and Styling - Aeone


Are you going to Scarborough Fair
Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme
Remember me to one who lives there
He once was a true love of mine

Tell him to make me a cambric shirt
Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme
Without no seams, nor fine needlework
And then he'll be a true love of mine

Have him wash it in yonder dry well
Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme
Where ne'er a drop of water e'er fell
And then he'll be a true love of mine ...

Tell him to buy me an acre of land
Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme
Between the salt water and the sea strand
And then he'll be a true love of mine ...

Tell him to reap it with a sickle of leather
Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme
And gather it all in a bunch of heather
And then he'll be a true love of mine

Are you going to Scarborough Fair
Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme
Remember me to one who lives there
He once was a true love of mine

Artist and composer Aeone delivers a powerful yet, inspirational body of work in her 6th studio album – LOVE IS THE HEALER.  Jeff Silverman and Aeone produced and arranged the album.  Jeff also mixed, mastered and engineered the project and co-wrote on a number of tracks from Palette Music Studio Productions (MSP), Mount Juliet / Nashville, TN •  Aeone recorded from The Chateau, her studio in Los Angeles, CA.

This beautifully crafted 10-song album brings Aeone's signature ethereal voice and sound with a touch of the ancient Celt together, in a cinematic blend of otherworldly pop and organic rhythms.  Hypnotic and uplifting, the 10 songs follow a path of grace and beauty deep into the heart of love.  Aeone weaves her story in a spellbinding tapestry of voice and sound from the romantic poetry of love to the dark ancient longings of the soul - taking us from multi layered vocals and ambient grooves in rich soundscapes with ethnic instruments, down to the single purity of her clear and haunting voice.  LOVE IS THE HEALER is an emotional and ambitious body of work that leaves its mark well after the last song ends.

Aeone was honored to have Ricky Kej, 2015 Best New Age Album, Grammy award winner, co-write and co-arrange on Boat of Angels with her.

Known for her rich haunting style, Aeone’s voice and music has been heard in countless Film, TV and CD projects and in over seventy movie trailers including “The Hobbit,” “300,” “The Last Samurai,” “Beowulf,” “Tomb Raider,” and “Something’s Gotta Give.” Aeone was also the voice of Emmy nominated “Mists of Avalon” and has released 5 critically acclaimed albums.

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