Single by Debra Lyn

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Debra Lyn - Drunken Fool Single

Words & Music by: Debra Lyn & Jeff Silverman

Debra Lyn Music/SESAC; Palette Songs/SESAC

“You’re not the man that I once knew who took my hand and promised to be true. You’re just a shadow in the dark of a lonely heart.”

“Drunken Fool” is video #4 in the “A Cold Wind Blows” series. Although this is a bit more tongue in cheek, it is unfortunately a situation that many people can relate to. People suffer from substance abuse every day and in turn their families and loved ones also share in their suffering, hence the existence of AA and Al-Anon. Rather than focus on the frustration and sadness, this video instead shows our main character getting on with her life, doing what she does best.

Well you made your choice and I took your keys
You’re at your home away from home away from me
I know that you don’t care if I stay or leave
I’m tired of talkin’ through your bottle of JD

You’re a drunken fool
And you get mean and you get cruel
I’ve lost so much I have no more to loose
‘cause you’re a drunken fool

So you make the choice – me or the whiskey
Is this really how you want your life to be
There’s not a word from you I can still believe
There’s nothing you can do to make this right with me


So listen to your friends – ‘cause misery loves company
Your life’s your own and what you do ain’t up to me
You know that I don’t care if you stay or leave
You know that what you choose will make the choice for me


You’re not the man that I once knew
who took my hand and promised to be true
You’re just a shadow in the dark of a lonely heart

“Drunken Fool”

Written by Debra Lyn and Jeff Silverman

PALETTE RECORDS is proud to announce Debra Lyn’s – DRUNKEN FOOL video / single from the A COLD WIND BLOWS album!
Now available on Palette Records as well as iTunes, Amazon and CD Baby!
This is Part 4 in a series of videos, each telling the continuing story of “A COLD WIND BLOWS.”


Produced, Directed, Photographed, Edited by: Jace Smith
Co-Producer, second unit Photographer: Elizabeth Cox

Filmed at: The Ghetto Palace – Panama City, FL
Hosted by: Crook Stewart III & Victoria Stewart

Clothing provided by Stylist: Irene Phillips
Irene & Company, Panama City Beach, FL


Debra Lyn (Lead Singer)
Jeff Silverman (Guitar)
Crook Stewart III (Drunken Fool)
Victoria Stewart (Backup Vocals)
Lisa Rains (Backup Vocals)
J. Scott Fryer (Drummer)
Matt Law (Bass)
Bruce Stephen Foster (Keyboard)
Ashley Feller (Accordion)
Joey Shaling (Dobro)

Chaz Butler
Herbie Lawley III
David Lloyd
Amanda Matthews
Greg Simmons
Stacy Burris
Joel Cowan, Jr. (Cheatin’ Husband)
Janet Lewis
Irene Phillips
Tim Robinson
Jan Simmons
Olivia Sulliivan


Produced, and Engineered by Jeff Silverman
Mixed & Mastered and Recorded at Palette Studio (MSP & VSN), Nashville, TN

Debra Lyn: Vocals
Dave Flint: Acoustic and Resonator Guitar
Jeff Taylor: Accordion
Matthew Burgess: Percussion / Drums
Jeff Silverman: Bass

To Be Continued…


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