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  • A Cold Wind Blows, meaning both the title song and 10 selections that follow, details the different phases of relationships. Debra Lyn achieves this with vocal performances so compelling that listeners have a blueprint, courtesy of one of the more pleasing and clear voices of experience; a singer whose songwriting pen adds an ink-filled flourish consistent with the creative license of imagination.
    — Stacy Harris, Stacy's Music Review
  • Aeone is not just an outstanding singer/songwriter/ producer; she is, without doubt, a weaver of the most astonishing musical tapestries...
    — Colin Lynch, International Online Music
  • Hypnotic and sensual - the unfolding of the nature of a woman in all her many guises - Aeone takes you on a journey of tapestry of story, voice, sound and rhythm, from which you may not return the same...
    — Celestial Voices
  • Debra Lyn's music is both moving and haunting, as she weaves a poignant story through the fabric of melodic instrumentation. A must-listen!
    — Shelley Dudley, Host of ROCK THE SYSTEM
  • With music that tends to lean toward the New Age genre, Aeone manages to add plenty of modern and contemporary styles into her repertoire, giving the listener that true feeling of experiencing something quite rare and special.
    — Wally, DMG Publishing
  • Debra’s lead and harmony vocals convey an earthy sensuality. I would encourage artists looking for new material to closely peruse her lyrics and melodies on this rhythmically-enticing album. I’m sure you’ll find some alluring songs that you can relate to. A song like “I Know” even has the accessible melody, bright lyricism and modulating arrangement that could make it a pop hit.
    — Joe Ross, (RE: I Can't Remember To Forget You CD)
  • Aeone’s voice floats through beautifully moody and ethereal lyrics...
    — Sara J. Flemming,
  • Listening to Debra Lyn's A Cold Wind Blows has affirmed my thoughts of just how wonderful Debra's voice & music is!
    — Rowdy Ron, Rowdy Ron Radio Show
  • With the proper exposure, Debra Lyn's “Save the Mistletoe for Me" could be a perennial Christmas hit.
    — Stacy Harris, Stacy's Music Review