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Aeone“Music is about emotion, it is about spirit, it is about the way a sound hits your heart, it is about remembering what has been forgotten, it is about the moment that allows you to return to the deepest part of yourself, it is a physical and soul experience, it is about healing, it is about joy, it is about lifting us to a place above words, above the noise of the world, it is about spirit and in its purest state, it is about love and it exists as an expression of this human experience.” British-born artist and composer Aeone (pronounced Ay-own) is known for her rich, haunting style – bringing a sense of the Ancient into a contemporary musical setting. As a composer – Aeone has forged her own unique path and sound – often using her ability to express deep emotion through her voice, from the ethereal to the dark and haunting, set in pure atmospheric soundscapes. At other times, she creates lush cinematic settings, layering vocals and ambient grooves, with world and dramatic orchestral elements. As an artist – she weaves this unique, transporting sound into her songs and music – in stories that speak to beauty and longing and the mysteries of life with a touch of the ancient Celt. Classically trained, Aeone comes from a creative and music-loving family, with ancestors on both sides who were professional pianists and opera singers. With roots in the mystical English counties of Devon and Cornwall, as well as Wales, Scotland and France, it is not surprising that Aeone has a deep affinity with folk songs and Celtic music. Although her early career successes took her more into the fields of pop music, it was to these Celtic roots that she returned in later years and whose essence is present in her unique music and sound. Aeone now lives and works in Los Angeles and writes, produces and records music from her studio.

About Her Music

Aeone’s 6th studio album Love Is The Healer and video were released in July, 2015 on Palette Records. Both Aeone’s voice and music have not only been heard in countless film, television and album projects, but also in over seventy movie trailers, including “The Hobbit,” “The Long Walk Home,” “300,” “The Last Samurai,” “Beowulf,” “Tomb Raider,” and “Something’s Gotta Give.” In addition, she was the musical voice of TNT’s Emmy Nominated “The Mists of Avalon.” “I Will Remember You Still” co-written, performed, arranged and produced by Aeone, was part of the soundtrack. Aeone is also an award-winning artist and has released 5 critically acclaimed studio albums. “The Woman’s Touch” received over a million downloads at in its heyday. “Indira” from WT featured in trailers for “Conversations with God,” “Elektra,” and appeared on “Sirenes –The Beauty of the Female Voice.” The beautiful epic “Umbra Nihili” from “Point of Faith” has been featured in trailers for “The Guardian,” “Kingdom of Heaven,” “John Q,” “The Shipping News,” and “Swimming Upstream.” “The Imagining” from ‘Many Voices’ appeared in the Beowulf trailer and “Across the Water” was featured in Academy Award winning director Paul Haggis’s “The Black Donnellys.” Her entirely vocalized cd “Atmospheric” continues to be one of her top downloaded albums. “Window to a World”, her debut album was re-mastered and re-released through Palette Records in 2007, with additional songs. For more information and song samples, please visit Aeone’s website: In other highlights include, Aeone brought her voice to John Ottman’s end title sequence for the movie “Orphan.” The song “Somewhere” co-written with Jeff Silverman, was covered by multiple Grammy winner, Rick Springfield on both the Sahara Snow album and From the Vault. Her otherworldly arrangement of ‘Silent Night’ was heard in the movie ‘Windchill’. She recently wrote, arranged/produced and performed vocals on three singles for the well known EDM duo INFICTION. Aeone created, arranged and produced vocals for New Age instrumentalist, Kori Carothers’, “Carpe Diem,” which won an IMA award and was part of Will Ackerman’s ‘The Gathering’ cd which won a ZMA award for Album of the Year. She also was the voice of “Tanya” on the “The American Tail” cd.


Aeone's Love Is The Healer

Release Date: 2015
Palette Records
Format: Digital Album Release

Aeone's Window To A World

Release Date: 2007
Palette Records
Format: CD & Digital Release

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