PALETTE RECORDS is proud to announce LOVE IS THE HEALER, AEONE’S new album and video.  Now available on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby and

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This beautifully crafted 10-song album brings Aeone’s signature ethereal voice and sound with a touch of the ancient Celt together, in a cinematic blend of otherworldly pop and organic rhythms.  Hypnotic and uplifting, the 10 songs follow a path of grace and beauty deep into the heart of love.  Aeone weaves her story in a spellbinding tapestry of voice and music a mystical prayer,  from the romantic poetry of love to the dark ancient longings of the soul – taking us from multi layered vocals and ambient grooves in rich soundscapes with ethnic instruments, down to the single purity of her clear and haunting voice.  Aeone has forged a unique sound in the magical realms of Enya, Loreena McKennitt, Kate Bush and Celtic Woman – LOVE IS THE HEALER is an emotional and ambitious body of work that leaves its mark well after the last song ends.


Artist and composer Aeone delivers a powerful yet, inspirational body of work in her 6th studio album – LOVE IS THE HEALER.  Jeff Silverman and Aeone produced and arranged the album.  Jeff also mixed, mastered and engineered the project and co-wrote on a number of tracks from Palette Music Studio Productions (MSP), Mount Juliet / Nashville, TN •  Aeone recorded from The Chateau, her studio in Los Angeles, CA.

Aeone was honored to have Ricky Kej, 2015 Best New Age Album, Grammy award winner, co-write and co-arrange on Boat of Angels with her.

Known for her rich haunting style, Aeone’s voice and music has been heard in countless Film, TV and CD projects and in over seventy movie trailers including “The Hobbit,” “300,” “The Last Samurai,” “Beowulf,” “Tomb Raider,” and “Something’s Gotta Give.” Aeone was also the voice of Emmy nominated “Mists of Avalon” and has released 5 critically acclaimed albums.

"Love Is The Healer" - The Video

The “Love is the Healer” video is gifted director, Chris Dane Owen’s (CDO) beautiful vision of Aeone’s music and artistry and is their third collaboration. Edited by the talented Jennifer Barlow, who also produced with CDO, it was shot both in Los Angeles and England.

Working closely with Aeone on the look and feel, hours of footage were filmed in the different locations in order to create the sense of an expansive journey. The main goal was to have a central performance as an emotional and visual touchstone that carries through the song and around that, to weave the story and message.

The result is an inspiring and graceful piece of art, imbued with a sense of feminine beauty. It is both intimate and moving and yet, at the same time, with it’s cinematic landscapes and luminous archetypal images, it has the breadth of a greater, deeper journey of spirit. We find ourselves swept away and transported by Aeone and her message – opening the heart to love and loving. Love is the Healer of the brave …

The English footage was filmed by documentary film-maker Spike Geilinger.

Directed by Chris Dane Owens

Edited by Jennifer Barlow

Produced by Chris Dane Owens, Jennifer Barlow and Matt Berlowe

UK footage filmed by Spike Geilinger

Director of Photography – Matt Berlowe

Make-up and Hair – Barbara Lamelza

Make-up – Paige Padgett

Wardrobe and Styling – Aeone

More about Chris Dane Owens
Chris Dane Owens (CDO) is an Emmy nominated television show creator, and TV producer, as well as an internationally known rock musician. In TV, he co-created and executive produced shows for Lifetime, Animal Planet, Style Network (E!) including the #1 original series “Instant Beauty Pageant”.

In Music…Earlier in his career, Owens recorded for SONY in Tokyo on the “Cipher” movie soundtrack, which was distributed throughout Asia by RCA. However, his solo album “Blue Stone” and accompanying “Shine On Me” music video (which went viral reaching nearly a million views on Youtube) are his most far reaching musical endeavor to date, capturing the attention of millions of people through television, radio, and the internet. His high fantasy music video, has been dubbed; “The Best Video of the Year’ by New Yorker magazine music critic Sasha Frere-Jones. Owens has also received impressive attention from publications like Rolling Stone, The LA Times and the Examiner.

More about Spike Geilinger
Cameraman and documentary film-maker Spike Geilinger has spent his career making programs about art. He has had the good fortune to film some of the most beautiful creations of human artistic endeavor, from Renaissance Italy to the Temples of Southern India.

"Love Is The Healer" - Lyrics

Written by Aeone
Angleterre Music, BMI

We are born to love each other
But we are sensitive – hard to understand
We are afraid
And from these fragile broken places
We shield the self from every reaching hand …
Ordinary people in extraordinary times
Follow without symmetry
And call across the great divide …

Into each life a mystery calls
Be not in yourself afraid
To each and everyone the chance to fall …
Don’t give up along the way
Be strong and wise – look for the prize
Love is the healer of the brave …

We are born to feel the wonder
But just a shadow of a thought ends a dream
We turn away
For all these miracles of loving
Reveal our humanness and vulnerability …
Ordinary people with extraordinary souls …
We need to find our hallowed step
And walk into the great unknown …

Into each life a mystery calls
Be not in yourself afraid
To each and everyone the chance to fall …
Don’t give up along the way
Be strong and wise – look for the prize
Love is the healer of the brave …

Wherever you are going
In shadows or in light
In the days that follow on
There will be the knowing
That goes with you …

Into each life a mystery calls
Be not in yourself afraid
To each and everyone the chance to fall …
Don’t give up along the way
All the strong and wise look for the prize
Love is the healer of the brave …

"Love Is The Healer" - Album and Song Credits

Love is the Healer – Album credits

Mixed, Mastered, Engineered and Digital Editing by Jeff Silverman at Palette Music Studio Productions (MSP) and Virtual Studio Networks (VSN) – Nashville, TN

Recording of Aeone’s vocals and music at Angleterre Music Studios – Los Angeles, CA by Aeone.

Love is the Healer

Written by Aeone
Angleterre Music, BMI

Produced and Arranged by Jeff Silverman and Aeone
Mixed, Mastered, Engineered and Digital Editing by Jeff Silverman
Vocals performed, arranged, produced and engineered by Aeone
Piano, synths and sound design – Aeone
Electric and synth bass and drum programming – Jeff Silverman

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