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A Cold Wind Blows

In March 2014 Debra Lyn released her second solo studio album A COLD WIND BLOWS. Produced by Jeff Silverman, Palette (MSP) music • studio • productions, this album is a staggeringly honest work of art that doesn’t impose ideas, opinions or viewpoints. Rather, it respectfully invites listeners to experience the vast complexities and stark, simple truths that shape our most intimate relationships, define our deepest emotions, and ultimately determine who we are…and who we aren’t. The album includes nine new songs, seven of which were written by Debra and Jeff and another beautiful string arrangement “With Or Without You,” featuring the talents of Tim Lorsch who also co-wrote the song with Debra and Jeff.  Also  included are two remixes from Debra’s “I Can’t Remember To Forget You” album. The album has a “modern/progressive” edge in its approach without an overly processed sound. It is meant to create the feeling as if you’re listening to Debra and the band performing in an intimate setting like your own living room or a small venue.

About Debra Lyn

In 2013 Debra Lyn and Jeff Silverman founded Palette Records: “A record label created by artists – for the artists. The label was created as a vehicle to not only showcase the artists, but to also channel and share all of their individual efforts in promotion and marketing so that they are beneficial to the label as a whole. The current roster includes artists that each have their own unique style and vision. “A Cold Wind Blows” is the first full length album to be released on Palette Records.

In addition to being a performer, singer and songwriter, Debra has 20+ years of administrative experience that she brings to the label. She is looking forward to using these skills to promote her new album and Palette Records.

Earlier Down The Road . . .
Originally from upstate New York, Debra’s musical interest was nurtured by her grandmother, Betsy Lewis, who was also a performer during the World War II era. When she was twelve years old Betsy gave Debra her first guitar. Before too long Debra was playing music around the campfire, entering talent contests and performing with local country music bands. Debra’s first band, Cimmeron won the Northeast Country Music Association’s “Sunrise Award” for best new country act. Cimmeron went on to release the Indie single “My Heart’s True To You,” co-written by Debra, which received airplay on country radio stations from New York to California.

In 2002, Debra and her band, Soulgrass, completed their self titled CD. Two singles, including an original written by Debra, were released in the U.S. on the “Prime Cuts of Bluegrass” compilation CD. Nearly 400 stations reported airplay for these singles. The Soulgrass version of “Love Please Come Home” was also added to the playlist for cable television’s “Music Choice.” Soulgrass performed at numerous venues throughout the southeastern U.S. such as Nashville, Tennessee’s famous Station Inn. Debra and Soulgrass were also featured performer’s on many live radio and television programs in Kentucky, Indiana, North Carolina and Tennessee.

In 2009 Debra released her “I Can’t Remember To Forget You” Album, her first collaboration with producer, Jeff Silverman. Ten of the songs on this album were written by Debra and Jeff. Also included is a unique remake of Harry Chapin’s classic song, “Cats in the Cradle.” A video for the album’s title track was produced by Shari Belafonte and Sam Behrens for Sowelu Entertainment. A new video and single were also released in 2011 for “I’ll Always Miss The Love I Left Behind.”

In 2013, Debra released the holiday song, “Save the Mistletoe For Me” written by Jeff Silverman and Pamela Philips Oland. To quote Stacy’s Music Row Report, in Nashville: “With the right exposure, ”Save The Mistletoe For Me” could be a perennial Christmas hit.”

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  • A Cold Wind Blows is an Americana Gem.
    — John Mullins, SESAC Nashville (RE:A Cold Wind Blows Album)
  • A Cold Wind Blows, meaning both the title song and 10 selections that follow, details the different phases of relationships. Debra Lyn achieves this with vocal performances so compelling that listeners have a blueprint, courtesy of one of the more pleasing and clear voices of experience; a singer whose songwriting pen adds an ink-filled flourish consistent with the creative license of imagination.
    — Stacy Harris, Stacy's Music Review
  • Listening to Debra Lyn's A Cold Wind Blows has affirmed my thoughts of just how wonderful Debra's voice & music is!
    — Rowdy Ron, Rowdy Ron Radio Show
  • Debra Lyn's music is both moving and haunting, as she weaves a poignant story through the fabric of melodic instrumentation. A must-listen!
    — Shelley Dudley, Host of ROCK THE SYSTEM
  • With the proper exposure, Debra Lyn's “Save the Mistletoe for Me" could be a perennial Christmas hit.
    — Stacy Harris, Stacy's Music Review
  • Debra’s lead and harmony vocals convey an earthy sensuality. I would encourage artists looking for new material to closely peruse her lyrics and melodies on this rhythmically-enticing album. I’m sure you’ll find some alluring songs that you can relate to. A song like “I Know” even has the accessible melody, bright lyricism and modulating arrangement that could make it a pop hit.
    — Joe Ross, (RE: I Can't Remember To Forget You Album)

Debra Lyn - A Cold Wind Blows